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  1. Who Is Ashton Lambie and why he is on a cycle magazine?
    I’m just a guy from Kansas! I think It’s a cool story, and not the regular path most people take. It’s exciting!
    2. Where begin your passion for bicycle in general?
    When my brother and I were little, we used to do these competitions where you’re basically on a cast iron tricycle tractor thing, and you pedal as fast as you can. They’d add weights for you to  tow along, as well. That’s how I have such big legs. Then, I saw my dad’s old road bike in the garage, and I asked him why it had funny bars (drop bars). I was about 15, and I did my first century that same year.  I’ve been riding ever since.

3. Tell us about the transition from gravel to track?
Kansas is a great scene for gravel, so I’ve been doing a fair bit of that over the last three years. I enjoy the beautiful places with few to no cars. Lawrence also has a UCI sanctioned 333-metered grass track mowed in a pasture, so just for fun, I took a buddy’s track bike. It was similar to what I like about gravel, but without any cars or dogs. Once I been on a track, I  was hooked, and started visiting more tracks and it all started coming together.

4. Don’t you believe it sound like a little “cynderella story of cycling”?
On the surface, certainly. It does feel like this has come out of nowhere, but with 10-plus years of riding and racing distance,  I have a lot of base miles. It’s like Cinderella had been taking dancing lessons the whole time, but had been going to different parties.
5. Do you have other disciplines you like or you just trying to get in? Gravel?
I did some randoneuring in college  (building up to the Colorado High Country 1200k) and I set the record for riding across Kansas from west to east. The really long distances appeal to me and you get to see so much. I  think after track, I’ll get back to more of that kind of riding, bike packing and  such.

6. Do you like criterium? What do you think about fixed scene and his very fast growing evolution?
I did a little crit racing in college, and it’s not my thing. I just didn’t really enjoy it. The fixed gear racing off the track is too dangerous for me. I’m okay with the possibility of crashing, but that’s  much too strong a possibility to seem fun for me.

7. Do you have a specific training program? Or in general how you spend your week during training?
I lift and do core workouts a couple times a week mixed in with intervals and one or two longer rides.  For the year, I’ll have around 8,000 miles from 12-15 hour weeks.

8. How much and how many type, bikes you got?
It’s a little hard to count, but currently in action are a Specialized Crux, an old steel road bike, and a Fuji and a Felt for track.  My Specialized Awol has been out of commission since I was hit by a car back in March.

9. Have you ever thought to make this big change in only one year?
I didn’t think it would change this fast. It’s been good to have goals, but I’ve really had to go with the flow as far as the whole season.

10. I love your mustaches. Are they a lucky charm? Sure? I have been growing it for about as long as my wife and I have been together, so it’s part of the family.

Thanks a lot for the time you’ve dedicated to us!

God bless you.