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1) Who is Tom Pidcock?

I live in leeds, I’ve just finished school and am now full time cycling

2) It’s a simple question but why cycling?
My dad did it, then I subsequently followed and there hasn’t been anything else
3) Your results in the last year are quite impressive, what you expect from the near future?

I hope to make a good impact when I go into cyclocross in the u23 category

4) I’ve seen your performance at the Tour series stage 9 in Durham, it’s unbelievable! can you describe the feelings of that last lap?

I was just trying not to get caught because I knew they were coming quickly, it felt pretty special and a pretty big win when I finished

5) World championship, what are your thoughts after all?

I feel very down to earth, I feel like I have just proven I am still at the top level and it has given me massive opportunities for the future

6) You’re looking to race the criterium scene in England or are you planning something bigger?

I will do some cits next year of course, they are good fun and with local crowds and with good prize money

7) A lot of people describe you as the “English Sagan”, I can agree more. Do you recognize yourself in this quote?

I can see the resemblance as we both have fun riding bikes, showing off and winning. Its a good person to be compared to

8) Future plans?

I ride cross I win, I ride road I win and I live in the south of France

9) Thanks who you want.

Paul Milnes and Ridley bikes along with ph-mas and oldfield so their support.